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Padden Guy Murphy

Policy Partnerships
Washington, District of Columbia
Getaround provides a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace that enables car
owners to rent their cars - from Priuses to Teslas - to a community of
trusted drivers by hour, day, or week using just their smartphones.

Car owners invest huge amounts of time and money into an asset they barely
use. The average car is idle 92% of the time, while potential drivers walk
past block after block of underutilized cars. We are here to connect the
dots… to help people get around.

We enable car owners to safely rent out their underutilized wagons to a
community of trusted drivers. People in need of a car can rent one by the
hour, day, or week using the Getaround website or their smartphone.

Imagine a world with fewer cars, without traffic jams, and with less
pollution. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs, hackers, and business
people passionate about using mobile technology to create sustainable
e-commerce solutions. We want to empower people to travel more efficiently
and cause a shift from personal to shared transport.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, November 8

3:00pm EST