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Dear Nexus
Principal Consultant
Washington, DC
Nexus here. My pronouns are he/him/his. And my present name comes from my first trip to Burning Man in 2013. I was born and raised, and have lived my entire life in the traditional territory of the Anacostans and the Piscataway, which many now call Washington, DC. 

I'm a third culture kid who is black and Filipino-American, son of Rebecca Caviles Russ and Nathaniel Russ Sr, whose parents met back in the 70s because my mom dropped some change in the line of the cafeteria the IMF and World Bank share and my dad picked it up. I'm the only son of parents whose marriage certificate in 1980 described my dad as negro and my mom as oriental.

I'm a queer cisgender man with ADHD, who is ethically non-monogamous, with a biracial partner who is black and white, and a bisexual partner, but they both wear glasses and smoke pot, so i guess i have a type.

I'm a storyteller, dancer, singer, in that order, although my evolution as that artist was in reverse order, which includes me singing as a boy soprano, at Thurgood Marshall's funeral in 1993. I currently have my own anti-racism consulting practice. and I'm a board member for Dance Place here in DC and Comfort & Joy and Queerburners in California. I'm also on the Grants Committee for the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and a current producing playwright with The Welders,

So if any of the above is something you'd want to connect with me on, please do.